Hands on History

Monday 23 July & Tuesday 24 July, 10am – 4pm


Hands on History

Discover the National Library, find out what’s inside and what we do at this two day history ‘camp’ for post-primary students. On the first day, you will learn how to find ‘stuff’ that interests you and spend some time in the iconic Reading room. Just bring a sense of curiosity about the past….as we attempt to take the mystery out of history research on day one.

On day two, get hands-on with interactive and digital technologies and find out how they can be used to creatively explore the past. Participants will get practical experience of virtual reality, green screen technologies, animation and more, while learning how to bring history to life, which is in partnership with The Nerve Centre is Northern Ireland’s leading creative media arts centre.

Open to all post-primary students with an interest in History.

Booking required:

Contact learning@nli.ie to reserve a place.


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