Heritage Week 2019: Pastimes | Past Times



We’re delighted to share our theme for Heritage Week 2019: Pastimes | Past Times. From 17-25 August we encourage you to take a stroll through history and explore how our free time has evolved in often fascinating ways.

Our pastimes today have been shaped by hundreds of years of storytelling, craft, sport and music.

Tell the story from fireside audiences thrilled by ancient epics to online communities bonding over boxsets. Show how traditional crafts are growing in popularity as a new generation discovers the joy of handmaking. Explore hurling’s long journey from Cú Chulainn to Croke Park. Discover how our modern music festivals have nothing on the hedonism of Donnybrook Fair in the 1800’s!

Coordinated by the Heritage Council, National Heritage Week is Ireland’s most popular cultural event and in 2019 half a million people are expected to participate in over 2,200 heritage events. National Heritage Week is part of European Heritage Days which promote Europe’s common cultural heritage.

What to get involved as an event organiser? Not sure where to begin? Browse this list of 100 Event Ideas from living libraries to junior tour guides.

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